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In today's digital economy, companies are showing a keen interest in analytics-powered DCIM for improved business performance, operational efficiencies, and user experience. This white paper will help you derive value from your data centers using analytics as a power boost.

We will talk about:

  • Metrics and analytics capabilities aligned to key aspects of data center operations.
  • Parameters to consider while creating an impactful analytics blueprint.
  • A robust analytics platform based on a multimodal BI & Analytics model.

About the author


Ashish Gupta
Sr. Director, Analytics and Digital
Ashish's experience spans over management consulting, data sciences, analytics services and system implementation for a wide array of clients including several Fortune 500 companies. With his cross-domain experience in enabling outcome-driven analytics solutions, he has helped clients transform their customer experience and business processes. He has also authored another white paper on enabling business transformation through value-driven analytics.