Creating actionable customer insights with Big Data

Building a 360-degree customer view to achieve advanced customer segmentation for campaign planning and optimization.

Managing multiple data sources for effective customer segmentation and targeting

Aeromexico is a leading airline firm in Mexico, that operates more than 600 flights everyday across 86 destinations spanning four continents.

The airline wanted to find a way to target the right customer, at the right time with personalized deals through appropriate channels. They already had massive amounts of customer data that could help them create these personalized offers, but all of it was isolated in multiple forms, in different business functions. In the absence of consistent and complete data providing a consolidated customer view, Aeromexico was finding it tough to optimize marketing campaigns and measure their effectiveness.

They needed to align the disparate data to enable consistent intelligence using a 360-degree view of each customer. Aeromexico also needed a system for the unique identification of customers and segmentation of the customer base. read more...

Developing a 360-degree view for better customer insight

In order to serve their customers better, Aeromexico decided to partner with Nagarro and give a new data-backed dimension to their business.

Nagarro has been helping industry leaders around the world define their analytics roadmap through a proprietary maturity assessment model to analyze customer expectations and understand existing business architecture. Read more about our maturity assessment model and value driven analytics framework in this whitepaper.

For Aeromexico, the team worked on an advanced analytics solution based on big data that included creation of a single database for a “360-degree” view of each customer. The customer database was built using rule base matching algorithms with data combined from various sources. Customers were then divided into appropriate segments for better targeted and effective marketing campaigns.

The engagement broadly involved:

  • Creating a 360-degree customer database: A "one row, 360-degree" view of the customer was developed that included a probabilistic matching engine to integrate and match customer data from multiple sources.
  • Customer segmentation: A two-tier segmentation which included development of an RFM Model (Tier-1) and a comprehensive segmentation framework (Tier-2).
    • RFM model: For defining the type of marketing campaign to be executed. An RFM (Recency, Frequency and Monetary) model was created to classify aggregated customer data into transactional customer segments.
    • Comprehensive segmentation: For identifying micro and macro segments of the message in the campaign. Advanced customer segmentation techniques were developed that yielded comprehensive behavioral segments to profile customers on attributes including, but not limited to, demographics, usage, spend behavior and response to marketing campaigns.

During the engagement, the Nagarro team made use of advanced data technologies including multi node MapR Cluster (MapR-FS), Spark, Spark MLlib, Java and R to develop the entire solution.

Higher customer engagement and optimized marketing spend

The 360-degree database and advanced customer segmentation is expected to lead to a significant improvement in customer engagement for the client. This opens new and innovative ways for them to target the right customers, at the right time. Additionally, Nagarro’s solution will result in:

  • Reduced marketing cost
  • Optimized marketing campaigns with relevant themes
  • Personalized customer engagement
  • Reduced churn and increased brand loyalty read less...

“We are now on track to be talking to our customers the way they want to be talked to in order to improve engagement and develop a close affinity by implementing a 360-degree customer view. As a result, we are optimizing our marketing budget to ensure that we are converting as many of our marketing dollars into “good” revenue. Thanks to Nagarro we have taken off and are on an exciting journey that begins with the customer, ends with the customer and where sky is our only limit..”