HubSpot - Bulk Contact Import


User Guidelines:

  1. Only CSV file format is supported.
  2. Header name in CSV file should be the same as in sample file.
  3. It is recommended to have all fields filled in CSV file.
  4. Industry, Country, Lifecycle Stage, Persona, Number of Employees, Lead Source and Lead Source Detail are dropdown fields. Please enter the values exactly the same as in drop-down options.
  5. Mandatory fields are marked with (*).
  6. For duplicate records with the same email, only the first record will be considered.
  7. No contacts will be uploaded if file contains any invalid record(s).
  8. Hubspot owner's email address is mandatory for bulk upload.
  9. Excel converts number range to dates. Please check the "number of employees" column carefully.
  10. Click here to download the sample CSV file.
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Please upload CSV with less number of contacts.