White Paper


Is your retail bank prepared to compete successfully with the aggressive threat from non-banks in financial services? Fast moving alternative players (like Google, PayPal, Square, Amazon, Facebook, etc.) are making deep inroads into traditional banking markets, posing a disruptive threat, with stronger customer savvy and influence than many existing banking relationships. Get the inside perspective with this white paper from Nagarro, filled with insights on the new world order for retail banking, including recommendations for how to address these challenges and emerge with a stronger competitive position for your bank.

Written for CIOs and CMOs in retail banking, this white paper...

  • Prepares you to better understand the scope of the competitive threat facing retail banks today by non-bank innovators in technology and social media;
  • Provides a thumbnail assessment of 14 new competitors to conventional banking;
  • Describes the impact of this competition within global payments, investments, lending, and money creation;
  • Identifies alternate sources of support for retail banks, with a case study from a leading European bank.

Customer Testimonial

In the financial services industry, competitive differences are in the processes, not the products. Nagarro is engineering the processes that define Patrimonio Hipotecaria as a leader in our market. The Nagarro team surpassed every other vendor we talked to in terms of understanding how to approach our challenges and achieve our business goals.

Gerardo Morales, R&D Project Manager

Patrimonio Hipotecaria​