White Paper


Every technology needs to stand the test of user adoption. Several SharePoint implementations have been unsuccessful because of poor or no user adoption. Without a user adoption strategy, businesses can come across some common issues upon implementation.
Such as:

  • Lack of understanding about SharePoint among end users
  • No formal user training post SharePoint implementation
  • Poor visibility into how SharePoint increases productivity and process simplicity

Thus, businesses implementing SharePoint without a proper user adoption strategy fail to explore the powerful collaboration platform optimally. This white paper acts as a guide to drive successful SharePoint user adoption with the help of a three-pronged approach.


When a SharePoint solution with all its extensive functionality fails to find takers, it is hard to imagine why people cannot see the benefits of using it. Therefore, it is necessary that you invest time, effort and money in carefully planning your user adoption strategy. With sustained dialogue with the stakeholders and the end-users and incorporating critical feedback, you can vastly improve the adoption rate of your SharePoint solution.