White Paper


Large-scale SharePoint migrations are complex undertakings. Quite often, their scope and the necessary resources are underestimated which can cause less-than-favorable outcomes including delayed rollouts and unplanned costs. Because many migration challenges are commonplace, they can be avoided or minimized by following a few simple steps that ensure the success of pilots and rollouts.

Nagarro has developed proven solutions and methodologies that help enterprise more effectively manage large-scale migrations. This white paper looks at three broad areas:

  • Common challenges in large-scale migrations
  • Key success enablers of a successful migration and
  • Methodologies that help manage near-term and long-term outcomes.


Successful executions require successful planning. Successful planning requires a thorough assessment of the core components necessary to achieve success. Nagarro recommends adopting a migration methodology that spans the entire lifecycle of a SharePoint migration.​​