Some of the world’s well-known and popular software products include parts from Nagarro. These range from enterprise software and infrastructure software to shrink wrapped consumer software. With Nagarro’s flexible offshore software development model, these ISVs routinely create more with less.

Nagarro brings three key differentiators to product development for ISVs: excellent hiring and employee retention methods, world-class product-specific developer training, and Projistics.

Our excellent hiring methods result in a strong pool of talent at all levels of the organizational chart. Since we recruit a hundred people each year, not ten thousand, we can afford to be choosy. Our sales team is in turn directed to look for challenging projects in order to maintain employee interest and loyalty. Nagarro’s attrition rates are among the lowest in the industry – making knowledge retention easier for long term offshore product development projects.

As a free service to major clients who outsource product development with Nagarro, we internally develop a developer-oriented training course for each product we are working with. This training course encompasses the functionality, the architecture, the lifecycle approach used, the QA processes, the roles of various participants and other aspects specific to that ISV and product. The training material is used during every addition to the product team with immediate and tangible benefits, and is often adopted by the clients as well.

Projistics, our proprietary online project management tool, enables our client, our onsite teams and our overseas teams to communicate and manage projects seamlessly, ensuring visibility, security and quality. Projistics allows clients to leverage flexible team size and cost-efficiency through Nagarro’s hybrid offshore software development approach without increased risks.

Nagarro is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and has equal numbers of resources in Microsoft and Java technologies. References from our ISV customers are available on request.