Public and Non profit

It is no secret that the public sector in most of the developed economies is facing unprecedented challenges. Amidst severe budgetary constraints, infrastructure is under pressure and public services are generally shrinking. Add to that a progressively ageing population that will contribute less and less financially but will require more and more support, and you have all the ingredients of a full blown crisis.

The only way out is to innovate, and disrupt. Leveraging emerging technologies will help the public sector cut costs and boost productivity. It will enable organizations understand their "consumers" better and provide better targeted and more effective services.

This is where we can help – our public services consultants understand the challenges facing governments and public organizations around the developed world, and our delivery teams have significant experience in building platforms that address these challenges.


Our specialized offerings for the public sector include:

Innovation and collaboration platforms
The public sector increasingly relies on partners and “the wisdom of crowds” for providing and improving services to the public. We build platforms that facilitate such collaborations, elicit ideas, generate discussions, estimate ROIs, run POCs, and track rollouts of initiatives.
Mobile solutions for material tracking
Our IDLogSuite suite comprises pre-built and highly adaptable components and powerful tools that facilitate fast and flexible implementation of mobile solutions in the areas of inventory, logistics, service, and product tracking. IDLogSuite can be used with barcodes, RFID tags, or any other part tracking mechanisms.
General mobility services
The rise of mobile devices has resulted in a paradigm shift in how consumers consume services and it warrants a shift in how they are delivered. Our mobility services cover the entire breadth of mobile solutions spectrum so that organizations can improve their delivery mechanisms rapidly.
SCADA platforms for public systems
Our SCADA X-SIGHT solution provides an intuitive, web- or mobile-based monitoring and control platform for complex devices at stations, airports, and the like, and allows a smooth integration of different types of equipment by the use of generic interfaces. Our SCADA X-SIGHT system is used by Munich city Stadtwerke for monitoring and control of almost 1,000 elevators and escalators in all the subway stations, and connects to the control center as well as to the departments for coordination and maintenance processes. It also connects to SAP and to the customer information system MVG-ZOON. A similar system was developed for the monitoring and control of escalators, elevators, fire damper control, fire alarm systems, air conditioning and ventilation equipment, lifting equipment, water pumps, flow meters and other types of installations in more than 40 metro stations in the German city of Essen.
Offences administration

The SC–OWI® product suite is a modern and highly efficient solution for the punishment of administrative offences in all fields of law, i.e. Act for Waste Avoidance and Management, Road Traffic and Duty Regulations. In addition to national and international legislation this also includes state law and municipal ordinances.

SC-OWI® covers all aspects of processes in handling administrative offences: From the administration of proceedings through progress supervision right up to the completion of the entire correspondence, all requirements are fulfilled by an efficient and comprehensive handling of administrative offences. Freely configurable user interfaces facilitate problem-free data and information interchange with other organizational units and IT procedures such as e.g. with mobile data capturing devices, image interpretation systems, Department of Motor Vehicles (local or national), Driver Licensing Office and cash procedures. Due to the multi-tenant design SC-OWI® fits perfectly to support multiple authorities connected to one central installation.

Our SC-Mobil® product suite lets you record a diverse range of offences such as parking violations, general offences or non-registered vehicles. SC-Mobil® runs on Android as well as Windows Mobile and is tailored to harness the power of each platform and device (Camera, GPS, Wifi and more). Supporting both systems opens up a wide range of devices to choose from, such as smartphones, sturdy industrial devices or tablets. Making it a breeze to find exactly the right device for your requirements. SC-Mobil® is just as flexible, as the range of devices it supports, and allows for extensive customization to meet your needs.

Transformation and modernization
We help prioritize, plan and execute transformation and modernization of critical legacy systems. For more details, please visit our Enterprise Architecture Consulting services.