Successful organizations adapt. They acquire, merge, split, enter new markets, adopt new business models, discard old ethos and sometimes change their very DNA. This isn’t easy – aligning people, processes, and technology with every change in business strategy requires nimbleness that very few possess, and fewer still excel in.

Enterprise Transformation fundamentally changes the way an organization operates, many times in unforeseen ways - which is why you need a partner who understands the nuances of this process, can accurately map its impact and has the expertise to carry it out.

Our Transmod experts leverage our unique Assess-Renovate-Transform (ART) methodology to deep dive into your IT landscape, quickly assess your current application portfolio for modernization feasibility and formulate a detailed roadmap for transformation.


Our specialized Transmod offerings include:

Java modernization
We ensure successful Java migrations by combining our unique migration methodology, accelerators (including our proprietary jMod solution), and partnerships with leading Java tool vendors.
SharePoint modernization
Our comprehensive, end-to-end SharePoint modernization solution which includes Rapid Assessment and Office 365 migration helps companies maximize the return on their SharePoint investments, lower TCO, and increase user engagement with the platform.
Legacy modernization
Legacy systems are a reality of enterprise IT infrastructure. Staying competitive necessitates integrating legacy assets with newer technologies or transitioning to modern, open systems. Our experts provide you with a comprehensive multi-option TCO reduction strategy, but more importantly they help you assess the cost, performance, and risk implications of each decision.